Autumn is a great area of exploration for young children. Autumn can be explored in so many different areas. Autumn for me is scarfs, hats, gloves and boots. Children love the context of autumn. Maybe the colour of the leafs and animals hibernating for winter. It gives children the opportunity to explore different areas within the great outdoors. For example, the changing of the trees, acorns and the changing weather. The early years educator may discuss the weather and the features of weather in the autumn. For example, it is colder and dark early in the evenings. Children get excited exploring the feature of autumn. Enabling the child to express their opinions and question why these changes happen in autumn is important.

Art and Activities;

  • Leaf rubbings using different coloured crayons. The child may decide to use a crayon the same colour as the leaf.
  • Bark rubbings using crayons.
  • Exploring the animals of autumn. For example, squirrels, hedgehogs.
  • Creating their own winter tree using cotton buds to stamp the coloured leaves.
  • A autumn leaf catcher. Materials include a paper plate with the middle cut out and leaves collected from the garden and cotton wool to hang up.
  • A leaf hedgehog.
  • Brushing the leaves up from the outdoor environment.
  • Leaf people. Using leaves to create a person’s hair.
  • Conker animals. This may include a hedgehog.
  • A scarecrow man. This may be created using a paper plate for the face and folding paper over to create the hat.
  • Pumpkin soap or faces.
  • A sensory tray containing acorns, conkers, leaves from the garden or early years service.
  • A autumn outdoor tick list. The child ticks off the things they see outdoors. For example, a coloured leaf or a acorn.
  • An outdoor exploration walk. This may include a discussion were children explore the aspects of nature on their walk.
  • Planting bulbs for spring in the outdoor environment.
  • Making apple pie or squares with the children.
  • Make their own scarecrow in the garden using aspects of nature for their scarecrow. E.g. sticks for hands, acorns for eyes.
  • Apple stamping by cutting the apple in half.
  • Exploring the features of an apple. e.g. seeds inside the apple.
  • Recreating the story “were going on a bear hunt” outdoors.
  • flowers in autumn. This may include roses or sunflowers.

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