This post will include numerous art and activities that make Halloween fun for children. Firstly, always discuss with children that Halloween does not have to be scary. It is a fun time for children to dress up for the day. Halloween for me meant sweet treats such as candy apples and pretending to be a specific character for the day. Maybe that was little red riding hood or maybe batman. It doesn’t matter who the child feels they want to be for Halloween that is their choice. Maybe you as a child yourself enjoyed bobbing for apples or getting your face painted. Providing children with these fun ways enables children to pass on for generations to come that Halloween is fun and isn’t scary. I know from personal experience that some services make the discussion not to celebrate Halloween and that is okay, that is that services choice. Below is a list of fun and exciting activities for children. I hope they enjoy;

Art and activities

  • making a light. This can be done using an old jam jar and covering in white paper. The child then can draw a face and place a little tea light inside. At night turn the light off and look at your new light.
  • Pumpkin soup
  • Carving your own pumpkin face.
  • Pumpkin using a paper plate.
  • Making a ghost, vampire or pumpkin using paper/plastic cups and either painting or using strips of paper.
  • Make your own spider using a piece of square black card or folding small black bits paper as legs, goggly eyes or paper eyes.
  • Creating a pumpkin using orange lollypop sticks or if not orange painting them orange. The child then can add green paper and the face.
  • A Halloween using a picture of the child’s face on black card and cutting tiny pieces of white card out and sticking them on.
  • A ghost using cotton wool balls.
  • A bat – paint a paper plate black, cut out wings and either put goggly eyes or make own eyes.
  • A black cat using a toilet roll holder – paint black, cut ears and tail from black card and either goggly eyes or make own eyes. The child can add whiskers also.
  • Handprint spiders using black paint.
  • Tissue paper pumpkins.
  • Goblin guts using spaghetti boiled and left to cool. Then add green food colouring or paint. Then add spiders and Halloween items to the tub.
  • Halloween sensory bags using green jelly or paints.
  • Shaving foam tub with fake eyes within the tub. The child may image a friendly ghost called Casper within the tub/eyes.
  • Sensory tubs that include carrots, grapes, blackberries, spaghetti were the child can create their own Halloween food tray.
  • bobbing for apples.
  • Halloween lucky dip. This could include little treats e.g. pick and mix etc.
  • A sensory tub using orange jelly eyes, pumpkin pieces and toy hands within the tub.
  • Goggly sensory bags including jelly, slime or shaving foam.
  • Halloween sensory bottles. This can be done using an old plastic bottle, glitter and Halloween objects.
  • A discussion about Halloween and the child can question the educator.
  • Halloween playdough. The child and adult/educator could make orange play dough and have pumpkin smell within it.
  • Creating Halloween rice krispie treats with the children; Mixing the rice krispies with white chocolate and orange food colouring. Roll the mix into circles. The child can then decorate their pumpkin.
  • Rice krispie bats using rice krispies, white chocolate and oreos. The child mixes the rice krispies and white chocolate. When mixed put into squares and add half an oreo as bat wings. The child can add bat eyes etc using icing or blueberries.
  • Fruit treats- ghost – Using a banana put raisins as the ghosts eyes and mouth.
  • Pumpkin – peel an orange and place celery in the middle for the pumpkin.
  • Eyes – using an grape and adding a little icing as eyeballs.
  • A melon monster – cut a mouth at the button of the mouth, cut the left overs and other fruit as the monsters face and coming from the mouth.
  • A plum bat – add the face using icing and wings using toasted bread.

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