Hi everyone, as it is coming into that time of year again. I thought Christmas themed activities and art that children will enjoy is important. Christmas is a time were children learn kindness, the importance of the celebration of Christmas, goodwill and the fun in waiting for Santa Claus. Every child’s house hold has their own Christmas traditions or things they do as a family each year. Maybe it’s putting the Christmas tree up together, maybe it’s carol singing, the list is endless. Children’s excitement at this time of year is a joy to see and hear, at their overwhelming excitement. Some children may be excited for a little break from school to. This year Christmas may be a little different, but those little family traditions still will keep the spirit of Christmas alive. Children do not need expensive toys to enjoy Christmas, they need their family and friends and traditions. I hope everyone enjoys the art and activities. I really enjoyed putting this blog together.

Art and Activities:

Create Santa Claus using paper plateS, cotton wool, red and black paint, and black card. First, cut a paper plate in half. with the second half cut it smaller to create Santa’s beard. Using a glue stick the two sections of paper plates together to create santa’s face and beard. With another paper plate cut a triangle shape to create Santa’s hat. Paint this paper plate red and when dry stick cotton wool to the bottom and top of the triangle. Once dry stick to Santa’s head. Using a marker and black card, create Santa’s eyes, nose and mouth.

Rudolph can be create the same, only using brown paint and creating antlers instead of a hat.

A Christmas cracker; one sheet of coloured card, jewels, paint, tinsel and string. Firstly, decorate one side of the card using jewels, tin foil or paint. Once decorated and dry cut on the end of the two short sides of the card using crinkle scissors. Fold the card into a round shape and using string tie one side. The child can then put a little treat inside e.g. a bar, sweets etc. Then tie the other side.

A Christmas Tree; one sheet of white or red card, light green paint and dark green paint, glitter or jewels, and black card. The child will using both the green paints create a Christmas tree. The black card should be cut in a square shape for the tree holder. Once dry, the child can decorate their tree using glitter, jewels or stickers. The Christmas tree can also be created using paper plates and cutting in half. For example, if the tree is three tiered each tier is cut smaller nearer the top. The child can paint and decorate the tree.

Marshmallow Snowmen; Using two or three white marshmallows stick together using icing. Once dry the child can create the eyes using icing and the buttons using chocolate buttons or icing. For the arms the child may use brown icing and orange for the nose. The hat can be made from black liquorice.

Painting and decorating Christmas conkers to hang on the Christmas tree using string or ribbon.

Christmas Sensory box using candy sticks, cut wrapping paper, shredded white paper and Christmas decorations e.g. tinsel, babbles etc.

Create their own sensory bottle. Using an old plastic drink bottle, the child can put tinsel, glitter, and water into the bottle.

Shaving foam sensory table; create their own shaving foam snowman. Then when the snowman is created, use buttons for his eyes and nose and tummy and tinsel for his hat. This could also be done outdoors incorporating nature into creating the snowman. E.g. sticks for his hands, stones for his eyes and mouth, leaves for his hat etc.

A conversation about the differences in weather at Christmas. Sometimes their is snow and their are no leaves on the trees. This may include talking about the Holly plant and showing the children how some Holly trees have berries and some do not.

A sensory area with sprinkles, gingerbread men and cooking materials such as wooden spoon. To further this activity, the children could decorate their gingerbread men using red, white and green icing. They then could eat their gingerbread men together at early childhood service or take home for parents, guardians, grandparents, brother or sister etc.

Christmas Stories; this could include the children creating their own Christmas puppets using props such as a wooden spoon, buttons and materials around the early childhood service. The puppets could then include the children within the story time.

Christmas songs and poems.

Christmas Fairy Cakes; This can be done by buying fairy cakes from the shop and giving the children icing and items such as sweets to create their own Christmas fairy cake. The child could create a star, snowman, Rudolph, Christmas tree or Santa.

Strawberry Santa; Cut the top of two strawberries, using cream put on the two strawberries to stick on top of each other one as Santa’s body and the other his hat. Then put cream on top of his hat and cream to create buttons on the other. This is a simple, fun and healthy Christmas activity for children.

Outdoor activity, get the children to collect sticks from around the garden, using four sticks tie them together to create a star shape. The children can then use items such as tinsel, conkers, glitter, jewels etc to decorate their outdoor Christmas star.

Using the Christmas Elf, create an outdoor sensory tub using flour for snow, put Elf into the tub and make a snow angel from the flour and elf.

Christmas themed play dough, making the playdough with the children. The play dough could be red or green using glitter and cinnamon for sensory. The child may use tinsel to mix within the playdough.

Cotton wool Snow Man, using white card, cotton wool, buttons and cotton buds.

Create your own christmas decorations, e.g using card, paper plates or lolly pop sticks. For example, the lolly pop sticks may create a star when decorated, the paper plate could create a Santa or Christmas tree decoration and the card could make a Christmas tree using the handprint of the child when decorated.

Snow Flakes; Using paper plate, cut around the paper plate to make a snow flake shape, decorate the snow flake using glitter and jewels.

I hope everyone enjoys these activities and art as much as I enjoyed writing them.

“Christmas see magic because they look for it”

Christopher Moore

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