Welcome to Children’s Creativity Corner

I would like to welcome everyone to Children’s Creativity Corner. I am currently studying Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Early Childhood Care, Health and Education. I started this page on Instagram in May 2020. Since then, the page has continued to grow each day. The page has a growing base that covers themes and specific topics within early years services and at home. Fundamentally, I saw the opportunity for a platform to enable educators and parents to explore art and activity based themes. The page enables early years educators/practitioners and parents a base to interact ideas, interact with early years educators/practitioners and parents, and an area to include important topics. The topics that will be included is diversity, kindness among other themes. I felt that their was an opening for a base containing themes and specific topics, because thinking of art and activities on the spot is difficult. This site will give educators, parents and guardians the opportunity to explore art and activities based around an idea.